See the delumptious new #RoaldDahl100 book covers!

Whoopsy-splunkers! Wondercrump! We are SO excited to reveal the dazzling new book covers. More MARVELLOUS than George’s medicine, more MAGIC than the magic finger and as FANTASTIC as Mr Fox.  


And here’s a dazzling short video of our wonderful paperbacks.

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Exciting books to read in 2016

The New Year and new school term is all about fresh starts and, of course, deciding what to read next. Whether you’re after action and adventure, stories of friendships or books to make you laugh, these are the big debuts and highlights from Puffin for your reading list this year. Happy reading!

 New books by your favourite authors…

9780141361413Romans on the Rampage: Jail Break! by Jeremy Strong

Perilus and his family are in trouble again! This is a laugh out loud book that brings Romans to life for young readers. It is a good pick to support kids learning about Romans at school.

Out now






The Diary of Dennis the Menace, The Great Escape! by Steven Butler 

The naughtiest boy in fiction returns for another prankster-packed story. In this story Dennis has been packed off to an elite boarding school. Help! Desperate to get back to Bash Street he plots his great escape.

Out in February





Jolly Foul Play by Robin Stevens

Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong have returned to Deepdean for a new school term and meet the new head girl and her group of prefects, who are not good eggs! The fourth book in the Murder Most Unladylike Mystery series is another thrilling read.

Out in March




9780141355320Mabel Jones and the Forbidden City by Will Mabbitt

Mabel fans will be thrilled to hear their favourite heroine is back for a second adventure. Follow her exciting quest as she swashbuckles her way through the jungle to save her little sister from the wicked Witch Queen.

Don’t miss! Look out for the latest Danger book out this year and the exciting new Rick Riordan out in May.



Unmissable books to read for the first time or again…

The Butterfly Club 9780857533173

The Butterfly Club by Jacqueline Wilson

New in paperback, is this terrific tale about teeny-tiny Tina, a triplet who is much smaller than her two sisters. A story about learning to be independent. Out now





The BFG by Roald Dahl

Whoopsy splunkers! Read it before you see it. Our delumptious giant is coming to the big screen in July 2016, so now’s the time to read or re-read this gloriumptious story. Out now






The Long Haul - Wimpy Kid Book 9


Diary of a Wimpy Kid – The Long Haul by Jeff Kinney

Out in paperback this month is the ninth Wimpy Kid book. Join Greg for a laugh out-loud story of a family road trip, that of course is packed with disasters, a lost key, a crazed seagull and even a runaway pig. Out in January






Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie by Cathy Cassidy

Grab your tissues, Sweet Honey is the sixth and final book in Cathy Cassidy’s Chocolate Box Girls series. Out in February








Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief 9780141346809

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (Book 1) by Rick Riordan

Half boy. Half God. All Hero. The first in the Percy Jackson book series is one to read for the first time – or for demigod fans to read again.

Out now





Debut fiction – new authors to discover in 2016

KOBD_title_blkKnights of the Borrowed Dark by Dave Rudden

The first book in a new series about an orphan boy who discovers he is part of a secret army that protects the world from a race of shadowy monsters.

Out in April


The Crooked Sixpence by Jennifer Bell

Welcome to a world where nothing is quite as it seems. The story follows  Ivy Sparrow’s magical adventures in Lundinor, a city beneath London where ordinary objects have extraordinary powers.

Out in June

Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk

‘Annabelle has lived in Wolf Hollow all her life: a quiet place, still scarred by two world wars. But when cruel, manipulative Betty arrives in town, Annabelle’s calm world is shattered…’ This powerful story is set to be a future children’s classic.

Out in July  

What to watch on TV this Christmas

From Christmas Eve through to New Year’s Day, there’s a feast of Puffin book adaptations on television this Christmas. To help you plan your viewing time, we’ve trawled through the television guide and put together the ultimate list of the best TV programmes to enjoy together this Christmas. Now you can watch all your favourite new and classic Puffin stories from the comfort of your sofa.

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Children’s Books: Give a gift of friendship


Books are a perfect place to find a best mate. Whether you’re looking for a friend to round out your show-stopping musical act, a sidekick to help you get through your first love and the scary school dance, or simply a buddy to see you through the everyday, our list of books about BFFs has something for everyone. You never know where you’ll find your next partner-in-crime, so why not bury yourself in the pages of these tales about friendship? With a book by your side, you’re always in good company.

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Children’s Books: Give a gift of laughter


Christmas is coming, and gifts are on our mind. But what’s the best present for every good Puffin? A book! If you’re making a list, we suggest adding these rollicking reads to the top. We guarantee our selection of hilarious books will have you LOL’ing right through Christmas and into the new year.

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The Twits by Roald Dahl Quiz

The Twits by Roald Dahl
To mark the arrival of the new happy, hairy The Twits BEARDED book we’ve created a horrid little quiz. The book features a real beard – luckily without the specks of dried up food and all the disgusting things Mr Twit likes to eat.

Take the quiz and find out how well you REALLY know the gruesome twosome.

The answers are at the bottom of the page.  Don’t cheat!

We are getting excited about our #RoaldDahlDay celebrations on Sunday 13th September! Get crafty with The Twits at one of the brilliant beard boutiques popping up in bookshops and libraries across the UK. Discover all the splendiferous ways you can join in Roald Dahl Day. Don’t forget to tweet, share and send us all the ways you celebrated the day via Instagram, Twitter or email@ Make sure you use the #RoadDahlDay hashtag. Hurray! 

  1. How old is Mr Twit?
  1. Name another Roald Dahl book in which the Roly-Poly bird appears
  1. What does Mrs Twit put in Mr Twit’s beer?
  1. What type of glue does Mr Twit use to paint the tree?
  1. What is the medical term for losing your sense of smell?
  1. What is a fear of beards called?
  1. In what year was The Twits first published?
  1. On which day of the week do the Twits have bird pie for supper?
  1. How many monkeys live in the cage in Mr Twit’s garden?

Scroll down for the answers… don’t cheat! 

  1. Sixty, 2. The Enormous Crocodile and Dirty Beasts, 3. Her glass eye, 4. Hug-tight, 5. Anosmia, 6. Pognophobia., 7. 1980, 8. Wednesday, 9. Four.

The Ancient Guild of Tale Tenders

Roald Dahl and the Imagination Seekers is a mischievous and inventive theatrical experience inspired by the works of Roald Dahl. The half day event includes a 10-15 minute assembly for the whole school and a one hour interactive show for up to three classes (30 children per class). Also available are comprehensive lesson plans created by the Roald Dahl Museum’s education team available at Tell your teacher that they can find out more at!

The Guild is a secret organisation. Tale tenders have existed since the beginning of time. It started with cave painting when Ug of Tharl drew the first story on a cold cave wall in the year dot.

Unbeknownst to storytellers of thousands of years ago, each was appointed their own tale tender who would secretly guard their stories. No one wrote back then, you see, so tale tenders had to be very good at listening.

Every tale tender had to remember and recall all the stories of their storyteller, storing the stories in their noggin. Tale tenders took such care to remember each and every whiffling word with a lot listening, a lot of concentration and a little bit of magic.

Once writing was invented they always kept a source book of each and every story in their care.

A source book is a huge volume of every word in exactly the place it should be – so if, heaven forbid, those words should ever fall out of the minds of tale tenders then there was a source book that they could refer to.

Here is our source book – we have a special honour amongst tale tenders. You see, we are the tale tenders to the stories of the world’s number one storyteller. Roald Dahl.

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