Win a Class Pass to the Bear Hunt, Chocolate Cake and Bad Things Exhibition


Today is international Chocolate Cake Day! To celebrate this momentous occasion we’ve teamed up with Penguin Schools and Stratford’s Discover Children’s Story Centre to launch a lip-licking poetry competition…

Write a poem about your favourite cake to be in with a chance of winning tickets for your whole class to visit the amazing Michael Rosen’s Bear Hunt, Chocolate Cake and Bad Things Exhibition. Step inside a humongous Chocolate Cake, explore Bad Things in the Dread Shed and go on a Bear Hunt. The exhibition will run at Discover (Stratford) until 10 April, after which it will go on tour to Cornwall, Manchester and Liverpool.

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Step Inside a Humongous Chocolate Cake…


Want to splash splosh your way through a river, stumble trip through a forest and crawl and tiptoe your way into a bear cave on your very own Bear Hunt? Check out poet Michael Rosen’s new exhibition at The Discover Children’s Story Centre in Stratford.

Explore hidden rooms and find clues that reveal the inspiration behind Michael’s writing.  See your face on TV in his Grandparents’ sitting room and scribble on the chalkboard in his old school classroom, where you’ll also find fun rhythm and word games that will help you create your own poem to take home.


Michael Rosen: “This exhibition is one of the most exciting things to have happened in my writing career. I am someone who has found a way of writing that is often about digging up stuff to do with my past and here is Discover making that into a giant exhibition that families and schools will be able to explore. Just as exciting for me, as someone who works with children and students, is the idea that this exhibition will act as a springboard for children, teachers and parents to talk together about things that they remember or think up, and this, I hope, will turn into writing and performing new poems and stories.”

The amazing Bear Hunt, Chocolate Cake and Bad Things exhibition is running at Discover until 10 April, before it goes on a UK tour! Find out about tickets, tour dates and upcoming locations on the Discover website.






Photography by Andrew Baker.



52 Puffins – # 14 Derek Drew (Please Mrs Butler)

What is 52 Puffins – Waiting in the wings? Well, although we love our main characters, in 2013 we think it's time to celebrate the supporting cast: the extras with the witty one-liners, the dastardly villains and the best friend every hero would be lost without. Who's your favourite?  
Download 52 Puffins – Questions – Download me!and send your answers to

Derek drew1.         Name:
Derek Drew (from Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg)

2.         Famous Friends 

really sure if they’re friends but perhaps a young Allan Ahlberg. Derek also seems
a bit of a light-fingered troublemaker, so I think he would get along with the  Artful Dodger.

 3.         Hero or villain? 

seems a bit strong but he is certainly a prankster. 

4.         Why you love him? 

he is the star of my all-time favourite poem and reminds me of ‘the good old
days’ at school.

5.         What’s his catchphrase? 

‘It wasn’t me’ or 'MISS that's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo unfair!'

6.         What wouldn’t he leave the house without? 

parker pen – so he could flick ink blots all over white school shirts 

7.         Tell us something we might not know 

poet Allan Ahlbergh used to be a teacher and can definitely empathise with poor
Mrs Butler!

8.         What really annoys him? 

takes a lot to annoy Derek Drew as he’s usually the one causing a ruckus. 

9.         What does he dream of? 

I think Derek is actually a frustrated genius who can’t
wait to get out of the classroom and go see the world

10.      Where would you go to hang out together?

out of sight of Mrs Butler, like the end of the field where we could sneak through
a broken fence and go to the sweet shop at break time

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