Who should you dress up as for World Book Day?


  • Dress up as Daisy –  Download the free mask.
  • Dress up as Greg –  Download your free simple instructions  and mask.
  • Dress up as The BFG – Download the delumptious instructions here.
  • Dress up as the Very Hungry Caterpillar – Download the free template.

Quick costume hacks: take a look at five quick and easy character costume ideas on Mumsnet. 

Join us on WORLD BOOK DAY for fun and games on PopJam and Twitter @puffinbooks. 

Step Inside a Humongous Chocolate Cake…


Want to splash splosh your way through a river, stumble trip through a forest and crawl and tiptoe your way into a bear cave on your very own Bear Hunt? Check out poet Michael Rosen’s new exhibition at The Discover Children’s Story Centre in Stratford.

Explore hidden rooms and find clues that reveal the inspiration behind Michael’s writing.  See your face on TV in his Grandparents’ sitting room and scribble on the chalkboard in his old school classroom, where you’ll also find fun rhythm and word games that will help you create your own poem to take home.


Michael Rosen: “This exhibition is one of the most exciting things to have happened in my writing career. I am someone who has found a way of writing that is often about digging up stuff to do with my past and here is Discover making that into a giant exhibition that families and schools will be able to explore. Just as exciting for me, as someone who works with children and students, is the idea that this exhibition will act as a springboard for children, teachers and parents to talk together about things that they remember or think up, and this, I hope, will turn into writing and performing new poems and stories.”

The amazing Bear Hunt, Chocolate Cake and Bad Things exhibition is running at Discover until 10 April, before it goes on a UK tour! Find out about tickets, tour dates and upcoming locations on the Discover website.






Photography by Andrew Baker.



Puffin Virtually Live: Cathy Cassidy celebrates 150 years of Alice!

Alice in Wonderland is celebrating its 150th (un)birthday this year – so we thought we’d throw a bit of a party.

On Tuesday 19th May at 2pm, join us for a fun filled, action packed show to explore the history of this classic story with the amazing Cathy Cassidy, author of over 25 books, including Looking-Glass Girl.

Don’t miss Cathy LIVE on stage with the cast of Adventures in Wonderland – the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and the rest of the gang – who’ll be bringing the story to life in new, exciting and curious ways.

Register to watch the show for free now at www.puffinvirtuallylive.co.uk. You can even download a fantastic party pack and linked lesson plans!

So pull up a chair and grab a jam tart – it’s going to be brilliant.

Who’s your Puffin Prime Minister?

The time is almost upon us, puffins – the time we ask the single most important question of all: just who will be our Puffin Prime Minister?

There are five candidates desperate for your vote, and they’re all very different. Their policies are interesting to say the least and cover all the big issues – from transport and education to housing and the environment. They’ve been campaigning for your hearts all this week over on PopJam and now’s the time to make your choice.

This is bound to be the most important decision you make this year, so make sure you use your vote wisely…


Candidate 1: Dennis

  • I will scrap science lessons in schools and introduce pea-shooter lessons instead
  • Homework will be abolished
  • Poppin’ Jammy Sour Candy Toaster Tarts will be served in school canteens every lunchtime





Mr Twit

Illustrations Copyright Quentin Blake

Candidate 2: Mr Twit

  • No washing, not even on Sundays
  • All children and Muggle-Wumps to be taught upside-down
  • All trees to painted with HugTight Sticky Glue








Candidate 3: Alice

  • All food to be clearly labelled with  nutritional information and effects of consumption
  • All books to be illustrated
  • Daily daydreaming compulsory






Candidate 4: Greg Heffley

  • The Cheese Touch is banned (unless Fregley has it – that’s okay)
  • Only comic books should be read in class – no boring ‘EDUCATIONAL’ books allowed
  • Kids should be allowed to play computer games whenever they want – even if it’s the middle of the night and mom is trying to sleep





Candidate 5: Docter Noel

  • Dangerology lessons for everyone. Taught by me, Docter Noel Zone, the greatest dangerologist in the world, ever.
  • All stairs to be removed from houses so you can’t fall down. All shelves to be removed from houses so they can’t fall on to you.
  • Cycling is on the list of things that nobody is allowed to do EVER. The bicycle will be renamed the Wheel of Terror. Bicycles don’t make any sense and are far too dangerous.




Who gets your vote? #VotePuffin now!


As you may or may not have heard there’s a very important election happening at the moment. Yes, the power is in the hands of the people. The power to choose, the power to make a difference, the power to, for once and for all, choose Britain’s national bird!

Whittled down from a longlist of sixty finely feathered favourites, there are now just ten candidates to choose between – including our obvious hero, the puffin!

But why are Puffins the absolute best? Well here are a few reasons to impress eggheads everywhere.

1. Coming in at just ten inches and with a colourful beak, puffins are some of the best looking birds around.
2. Not only do they look pretty fly, but they’ve also got a great sense of humour and are sometimes called ‘sea parrots’ or ‘clowns of the sea’.
3. Puffins can flap their wings up to 400 times a minute, reaching speeds of 88 kilometres per hour! That’s pretty impressive for such a little bird – Peter Pan better get some extra fairy dust if he wants to keep up.
4. Many puffins stay with the same partner forever so we’re pretty sure they’re romantics at heart.
5. A baby puffin is called a puffling, which is just about the cutest word we’ve ever head to go with the cutest baby bird. Did you spot this little tyke, born in 2014? You christened her Arrietty!
6. It may not be 20,000 leagues like Captain Nemo, but the little puffin can dive 60 metres underwater.
7. Puffins lay just one egg a year – which makes each and every one very special indeed.

Puffin’s been on a campaign trail around London – if you see him then let us know @PuffinBooks and #VotePuffin now.

Voting closes at midnight, May 7th 2015 and Britain’s national bird will be announced thereafter!

Puffins don’t get much cuter than Oona and Baba on Puffin Rock. Don’t miss the premiere on Monday, 18th May, 6:30pm on Nick Jr.


Kindness Day 2015

Celebrate Kindness Day 2015 with us on Friday 12th June

Wonder by R J PalacioKindness Day is a new project designed to help celebrate and spread kindness wherever you may be. Inspired by the novel Wonder by R J Palacio, the story of a boy who’s desperate to blend in but is destined to stand out because of the way he looks, the day will help to show that one simple, small act of kindness can spread a wave of happiness and remind us that we are all capable of making someone’s day.

Getting involved

There are two ways to get involved: in school or online. Students and teachers can download a resource pack complete with everything you need to make Kindness Day fresh and exciting. The pack is full of activities that help promote and celebrate kindness in the school community. A Twitter Kindness Trail will launch on 1st June, where online supporters will be encouraged to nominate someone who has shown kindness using the hashtag #KindnessDay. Their nominees will then in turn nominate someone else, and the hashtag will be passed along to create a chain. The aim is to spread kindness and show appreciation for those around you. To find out more about Kindness Day and sign up to receive your resource pack, visit The Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Campaign website.