The Twits by Roald Dahl Quiz

The Twits by Roald Dahl
To mark the arrival of the new happy, hairy The Twits BEARDED book we’ve created a horrid little quiz. The book features a real beard – luckily without the specks of dried up food and all the disgusting things Mr Twit likes to eat.

Take the quiz and find out how well you REALLY know the gruesome twosome.

The answers are at the bottom of the page.  Don’t cheat!

We are getting excited about our #RoaldDahlDay celebrations on Sunday 13th September! Get crafty with The Twits at one of the brilliant beard boutiques popping up in bookshops and libraries across the UK. Discover all the splendiferous ways you can join in Roald Dahl Day. Don’t forget to tweet, share and send us all the ways you celebrated the day via Instagram, Twitter or email@ Make sure you use the #RoadDahlDay hashtag. Hurray! 

  1. How old is Mr Twit?
  1. Name another Roald Dahl book in which the Roly-Poly bird appears
  1. What does Mrs Twit put in Mr Twit’s beer?
  1. What type of glue does Mr Twit use to paint the tree?
  1. What is the medical term for losing your sense of smell?
  1. What is a fear of beards called?
  1. In what year was The Twits first published?
  1. On which day of the week do the Twits have bird pie for supper?
  1. How many monkeys live in the cage in Mr Twit’s garden?

Scroll down for the answers… don’t cheat! 

  1. Sixty, 2. The Enormous Crocodile and Dirty Beasts, 3. Her glass eye, 4. Hug-tight, 5. Anosmia, 6. Pognophobia., 7. 1980, 8. Wednesday, 9. Four.

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