The Ancient Guild of Tale Tenders

Roald Dahl and the Imagination Seekers is a mischievous and inventive theatrical experience inspired by the works of Roald Dahl. The half day event includes a 10-15 minute assembly for the whole school and a one hour interactive show for up to three classes (30 children per class). Also available are comprehensive lesson plans created by the Roald Dahl Museum’s education team available at Tell your teacher that they can find out more at!

The Guild is a secret organisation. Tale tenders have existed since the beginning of time. It started with cave painting when Ug of Tharl drew the first story on a cold cave wall in the year dot.

Unbeknownst to storytellers of thousands of years ago, each was appointed their own tale tender who would secretly guard their stories. No one wrote back then, you see, so tale tenders had to be very good at listening.

Every tale tender had to remember and recall all the stories of their storyteller, storing the stories in their noggin. Tale tenders took such care to remember each and every whiffling word with a lot listening, a lot of concentration and a little bit of magic.

Once writing was invented they always kept a source book of each and every story in their care.

A source book is a huge volume of every word in exactly the place it should be – so if, heaven forbid, those words should ever fall out of the minds of tale tenders then there was a source book that they could refer to.

Here is our source book – we have a special honour amongst tale tenders. You see, we are the tale tenders to the stories of the world’s number one storyteller. Roald Dahl.

The tale tenders have been spotted in primary schools across the land, inspecting the libraries and classrooms to make sure Roald Dahl’s books are all in order and that every whiffling word is in the right place.

This is Terry the tale tender. He is a fully-fledged member of the Ancient Guild of Tale Tenders.

This is Brenda. She is  a Senior Junior Apprendix. It’s like an assistant. Her favourite colour is yellow, as you can see. Yellow was also Roald Dahl’s favourite colour. Brenda is holding a piece of kit that the tale tenders use. It’s called a Composite Imagination Fizzy Waddler (or CIFW for short). It is an imagination field measurer and measures imaginations.

Did you know small distances are measured in Millimetres, huge distances in space are measured in light years and great leaps in imagination are measured in Waffles? Children have more Waffles than a Belgian breakfast and are the most imaginative and inventive creates on our planet.

The CIFW is disguised inside a large book so that the tale tenders can keep it secret from most people.The tale tenders disguise themselves to move around undetected. Keep your eyes open for them…

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