Who’s your Puffin Prime Minister?

The time is almost upon us, puffins – the time we ask the single most important question of all: just who will be our Puffin Prime Minister?

There are five candidates desperate for your vote, and they’re all very different. Their policies are interesting to say the least and cover all the big issues – from transport and education to housing and the environment. They’ve been campaigning for your hearts all this week over on PopJam and now’s the time to make your choice.

This is bound to be the most important decision you make this year, so make sure you use your vote wisely…


Candidate 1: Dennis

  • I will scrap science lessons in schools and introduce pea-shooter lessons instead
  • Homework will be abolished
  • Poppin’ Jammy Sour Candy Toaster Tarts will be served in school canteens every lunchtime





Mr Twit

Illustrations Copyright Quentin Blake

Candidate 2: Mr Twit

  • No washing, not even on Sundays
  • All children and Muggle-Wumps to be taught upside-down
  • All trees to painted with HugTight Sticky Glue








Candidate 3: Alice

  • All food to be clearly labelled with  nutritional information and effects of consumption
  • All books to be illustrated
  • Daily daydreaming compulsory






Candidate 4: Greg Heffley

  • The Cheese Touch is banned (unless Fregley has it – that’s okay)
  • Only comic books should be read in class – no boring ‘EDUCATIONAL’ books allowed
  • Kids should be allowed to play computer games whenever they want – even if it’s the middle of the night and mom is trying to sleep





Candidate 5: Docter Noel

  • Dangerology lessons for everyone. Taught by me, Docter Noel Zone, the greatest dangerologist in the world, ever.
  • All stairs to be removed from houses so you can’t fall down. All shelves to be removed from houses so they can’t fall on to you.
  • Cycling is on the list of things that nobody is allowed to do EVER. The bicycle will be renamed the Wheel of Terror. Bicycles don’t make any sense and are far too dangerous.




Who gets your vote? #VotePuffin now!

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