Kindness Day 2015

Celebrate Kindness Day 2015 with us on Friday 12th June

Wonder by R J PalacioKindness Day is a new project designed to help celebrate and spread kindness wherever you may be. Inspired by the novel Wonder by R J Palacio, the story of a boy who’s desperate to blend in but is destined to stand out because of the way he looks, the day will help to show that one simple, small act of kindness can spread a wave of happiness and remind us that we are all capable of making someone’s day.

Getting involved

There are two ways to get involved: in school or online. Students and teachers can download a resource pack complete with everything you need to make Kindness Day fresh and exciting. The pack is full of activities that help promote and celebrate kindness in the school community. A Twitter Kindness Trail will launch on 1st June, where online supporters will be encouraged to nominate someone who has shown kindness using the hashtag #KindnessDay. Their nominees will then in turn nominate someone else, and the hashtag will be passed along to create a chain. The aim is to spread kindness and show appreciation for those around you. To find out more about Kindness Day and sign up to receive your resource pack, visit The Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Campaign website.

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