The Moomin Ballet

Have you ever seen a Moomin in a tutu? This March in Helsinki (that’s the capital of Finland) the Finnish National Ballet will be bringing Tove Jansson’s story Comet in Moominland to the stage through the medium of dance. Can Snork Maiden stand on point? Is pirouetting really Moominpappa’s speciality?  But even more importantly, can the Moomins twirl themselves away from an incoming comet that could DESTROY EVERYTHING. Understandably alarmed, Moomintroll and Sniff set off on an expedition to find the Professor. On their journey they meet some interesting creatures, such as Snufkin the super tramp. While the ballet’s creators admit the costumes are more difficult to move in than their usual attire, the show promises to be magical.

It just goes to show you can express stories in lot’s of different ways – just look at all the covers Comet in Moominland had had since it first published in 1946. Which books would you like to see told through dance? Maybe you think Mr Plug the Plumber would be terrific at tap and it’s pretty obvious what Fantastic Mr Fox would turn his tail too (the foxtrot). Let us know in the comments!!

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