EsioTrot with James Corden

esio trot book and toy setToday’s the day that ESIO TROT makes his television debut – alongside Hollywood stars Judi Dench and Dustin Hoffman, as well as James Corden who has the mammoth responsibility of narrating. We hope the talented line-line up of tortoises have learnt all their lines because that super famous screenwriter Richard Curtis has adapted Roald Dahl’s original story for the telly-box. You can read an interview with the man himself over on that dapper Penguin’s blog.

Now that ESIO TROT is getting big (he really is thanks to these magic words –  WORG PU, FFUP PU, TOOHS PU!) and famous, Puffin is wondering if he might start making extravagant divaesque demands, like only extra curly-curly kale and a personal shell buffer on call 24/7.  We think we’ve found a solution for this last request at least. Check out this rather fetching range of Shell Suits by crochet-extraordinaire  Katie Bradley.

If you want to know more about where Roald Dahl got the idea from for his love story between Mr Hoppy and  Mrs Silver visit the Roald Dahl blog which has lots of very interesting pieces from the archive, including the first ever pencil sketches of his reptilian romantic lead.

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