Interview with Hannah Tointon, reader of Girl Online


It’s been a super exciting week. Zoe Sugg aka YouTube sensation and guinea-pig aficionado Zoella, published her new book Girl Online. Not only can you read it with your eyes but you can also listen to it (with your ears, obviously). That’s because Girl Online is also an audiobook! Actress Hannah Tointon recorded the story downstairs in the Puffin studio – and between chapters she took a break to tell us all about it.

What was reading the audiobook like?

I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t know how difficult it would be. I loved doing all the different characters. What’s been lovely is reading this wonderful book! It’s a romantic comedy about a girl called  Penny who isn’t happy with her appearance and has panic attacks. She’s got lots of other anxieties too, about love, friends and school.

9780141357270 What about the book did you enjoy?
What struck me as soon as I read it is how relatable this character is; I think every girl has those insecurities. I also really loved how she faces her anxiety and uses different techniques. Its important for young people growing up to know that there are things you can do when you’re in these stressful situations.

Were there any particular parts when you thought ‘this is soo like me’?
Yes, I fell over on stage once when I was 12. I was coming out to take a bow and I skidded from one side to the other.

Why is this audiobook something you wanted to do?
As I got to know about Zoella, I found her interesting and it seemed like something really exciting to do.

Listen to the full interview!

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