Danger, David and Dennis the Pet Rock


Next Wednesday 19th November, writer, Irish comedian and Dangerologist David O’Doherty will be starring in PUFFIN VIRTUALLY LIVE: DANGER IS EVERYWHERE talking about his new book called . . . you’ve guessed it . . . Danger Is Everywhere.

In case you’ve not watched one of Puffin’s virtual author shows before, here’s what you need to know:   The brightest and best writers are beamed live into classrooms around the world – for FREE. Tell your teacher to sign up in advance, prepare with curriculum linked lesson plans and then it’s Showtime!

As well as live Q&As with the author and draw-alongs, its peppered with videos – and for November’s show we had to do some serious field research, but where do you find a field in London? At Spitalfields City Farm of course. David O’Doherty was channeling every safety-conscious ounce of his creation Docter Noel Zone as he braved a menagerie of  guinea pigs, a  gaggle of man-hating geese and one donkey Prima Donna – all in the name of Dangerology. Here are some behind-the-scene photos – you’ll have to tune in from 2pm GMT, Wednesday 19th November to watch the full story . . . Register now!


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