12 Doctors 12 Stories: An adventure through the blogisphere…


It’s only a few weeks until our 12 Doctors, 12 stories slipcase hits the shelves – so we’ve asked 12 of our favourite book bloggers and vloggers to review each of the adventures and give you a taste of the complete collection.

DW image 
Check out the schedule below to keep track of the tour and join us in our epic adventure across the blogisphere.

Let us know which story is your favourite below!

Follow the journey…

28 October
Eoin Colfer, A Big Hand for the Doctor

30 October
Michael Scott, The Nameless City

31 October
Marcus Sedgwick, The Spear of Destiny

3 November
Philip Reeve, The Roots of Evil

4 November
Patrick Ness, Tip of the Tongue

6 November
Richelle Mead, Something Borrowed

7 November
Malorie Blackman, The Ripple Effect

10 November
Alex Scarrow, Spore

11 November
Charlie Higson, The Beast of Babylon

12 November
Derek Landy, The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage

13 November
Neil Gaiman, Nothing O’Clock

14 November
Holly Black, Lights Out



The gift slipcase is out on 13 November in the UK but you can pick up the paperback and Holly Black’s new eBook now. Preorder yours on Amazon orWaterstones today.

(US Fans the gift edition will be available from November 18th in America!)

DW _oAnthology 12books

12 Doctors 12 Stories – paperback edition

For more information on Doctor Who children’s books visit www.doctorwhochildrensbooks.co.uk


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