What would you do with an extra hour?


Wakey, wakey, rise and shine! The clocks went back today giving us all a lovely extra hour of play. It’s also the day that Action for Children is launching ‘National Children’s Hour’, encouraging adults to spend some extra time with the little ones in their life.

We Puffins are big fans of fun and are supporting the initiative with activities from Julia Donaldson’s book, The Further Adventures of The Owl and the Pussy-cat.

You can watch the brilliant children and staff at Action for Children’s Folkestone Early Years Centre bringing the story to life below:

Join the fun and download the free activity pack filled with lots of creative ideas here or share your own ideas with us below.

“Sharing a story, song or rhyme with a child is one of life’s greatest pleasures. They enjoy snuggling up and receiving your attention, and the stories bring out the actor in you. To your child, not even the starriest professional comes close to the way Mum does the witch or Dad does the dinosaur. What’s more, you’re not just sharing words and pictures – you’re sharing feelings. Together you laugh at the comic misunderstandings, fume at the villain’s schemes, feel upset when the teddy bear is lost or triumphant when a small creature outwits a bigger one. I’m starting to wish that every day had that extra hour in it!”

– Julia Donaldson


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