Your Funniest Pets!

Woo-hoo! Yippee!

Have you heard about Streaker? She’s the fastest and funniest dog in the world and the star of Jeremy Strong’s Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog books.

Puffin wanted to find a pet that made us laugh as much as Streaker so we teamed up with the PDSA, the UK’s leading veterinary charity, to find your funniest fluffy (furry, feathered or scaly) friends.

We received lots of great entries but with the help of Jeremy Strong we’ve picked these three fantastic winners.

Drum-roll please…

The winner is:

Jake Rowlands. Age 11 with this hilarious photo of Gizmo, his pet cat:

3 Gizmo, Cat,

Jake says: “This is Gizmo, who loves sitting in my little sister’s Bumbo seat even though he is far too big for it! It doesn’t look very comfy!”


Kyle Moss. Age 9 with Kaiser, aka BATDOG!

4 Kaiser, Batdog

Keiran Willoughby. Age 9, with his brilliantly stylish pooch

 Dog with hair


Jake has won a trip to Alton Towers with his family plus all three winners will each receive all seven of The Hundred-Mile-An-Hour Dog books and a membership to the PDSA Pet Protectors Club!


For more silliness you can join Jeremy’s Krazy Klub at or if you want to learn more about caring for pets and how to become a Pet Protector check out the PDSA’s Pet Protectors Club.

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