Cover Story: Fortune Cookie

Sara is one of our brilliant designers and she’s here to tell you all about her inspiration for the latest Cathy Cassidy cover, Fortune Cookie.

Fortune CookieI got the idea for how Fortune Cookie should look very organically – when I heard the title I was instantly in Chinatown, all the sights and sounds and scents that place evokes in my head.

Sweet Honey was super hot pink to reflect Honey’s fiery temper and the heat of Australia, Coco Caramel was sugared-almond pink to reflect Coco’s sweetness, Summer’s Dream was the pale yellow of a delicate summer sorbet, Marshmallow Skye was a slightly misty twilight blue like Skye’s dreamy ghostly love story, and Cherry Crush was of course the cherry red of her namesake.

Jake, I decided, should be a jade green. He is a city boy who discovers he loves being outside with nature, hanging out under the branches of a willow tree by the banks of a river near Tanglewood… The willow pattern I have depicted is a beautiful love story from Ancient China where two star-crossed lovers who aren’t allowed to be together run away and are turned into a pair of doves by the gods. The symbolism of running away and being as free as a bird rather suited Jake’s story. I kept the colours a little muted, which gave the cover the feel of the satinny fabric that chinese cheongsam dresses are made of.

The chocolate for Jake shows a Chinese symbol of Good Fortune, and the other chocolates you might recognise, as they are all the other Chocolate Box Girls’ chocolates. This story is the bringing together of all the characters and I felt it was right to show all the siblings together on this last book in the series.

I love this jacket, and really hope you love the story inside.

Sara x

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