Dennis the Menace TAKEOVER

It was just another Friday morning until . . . DENNIS AND GNASHER commandeered the @PenguinUKBooks Twitter feed and tried to takeover with some last of the month MAYhem. Here’s how things went down, blow-by-blow:

First they infiltrated the building with this message: Followers of Penguin, the name is Dennis, Dennis the Menace. Today, me and Gnasher are running Penguin twitter #KeepMenacing


Then Dennis and Gnasher tried to make Ladybird change her spots to stripes – Ladybird was having none of it and Dennis scarpered leaving a slippery banana skin in his wake.


The banana


Next stop was our very own word of the day board.  Across the nation Dennis and Gnasher induced severe handkerchief wringing among pedants who duly noted that KEEP MENACING is not even ONE WORD!


However Dennis and Gnasher didn’t count on a menace-maker equal to themselves  – and when they menaced Steven Butler’s picture in our author hall of fame things took a sudden turn . . . (little piece of trivia for you here, the writer next to Steven is none-other than Jeremy Strong, who used to be his teacher)!

3. Steven stickered


Enough was enough and along came Steven, author of The Diary of  Dennis the Menace, to sort things out – watch the video to find out what happened as he heads into Dennis’s den . . . .

And that was that, Dennis and Gnasher we presume were escorted from the building, Penguin resumed their normal service and all that remained of their menacing was a banana skin . . . and puffin’s new jumper.

8. PuffinJumperFinal


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