Monday Make and Do: A pom-pom mouse

Double-click to download & make bigger!Throughout Beatrix Potter’s books you can find bewhiskered little fellows, but it’s the Tailor of Gloucester where they finally get a starring role. The old Tailor must make a waistcoat for the Mayor’s wedding but he falls ill, and Simpkin (his cat) has hidden the twist. Fortunately, the mice are a dab paw with a needle and thread and pull an all-nighter so the waistcoat is miraculously ready before the cathedral bells chime.

Rumor has it that some of their more literary cousins have taken up residence in 80 Strand – editors often come in to find extra full-stops on manuscripts and crumbs where once there were cupcakes.

So in honour of these not-so shy nor timourous beasties, our Make and Do Monday, to start half term, is a Pom Pom mouse! Download the activity sheet for all the details and tweet @puffinbooks

Download Pompommouse

All you’ll need is some cardboard and some wool – here’s one we made earlier, he just needs a name . . . (and some cheese).


For more activities inspired by Peter Rabbit and friends hop over to

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