Meeting Mr Moshi

WKP_1530Moshi Monster fans turned out in force to meet Michael Acton Smith AKA ‘Mr Moshi’ last Saturday (9th November) at Harrods in London.  Mr Moshi was in the Toy Kingdom to sign copies of the pawesome new Moshipedia – and with each purchase of the book lucky fans also received a Moshi-tastic goodie bag that included 100 Rox (Moshi currency).



WKP_1547Fans were queuing from the moment the store opened with Katsuma keeping the crowds entertained whilst they patiently waited.  First in line was Lucy Neath from Milton Keynes who, whilst having a YouTube channel ‘themoshimonsterkitty’ with an incredible 8,000 followers, had never had the chance to meet Mr Moshi before!

Moshipedia – the A-Z of everything Moshi – is out now!

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