#WhereIRead – On the swing

Other than the most obvious “on the move” spots – tube /
train / plane – where I lose myself in my book while in transit, there is only
one other place I can think of that (sort of!) fulfils the theme. This place,
while not strictly being “on the move” does see me literally moving, swaying
back and forth in the swinging chair in my parents’ garden! Summer officially
starts in my family home when the swinging chair apparatus is hauled from its
heap in the attic and erected at the end of the garden under the neighbour’s
apple tree, which droops over our side of the fence. I lay my head at the top
of the long, rectangular cushion, while my toes poke over the end, and the gentle
side-to-side tipping motion on a hot, lazy afternoon induces a completely
tranquil state of reading. I feel like a baby in a rocking cot! Cloud movements
in the sky and the rustling branches of the apple tree shadow the glaring sun, cradling
me in a cool pool of shade. My horizontal ears absorb sounds in a different way
than when I sit or stand fully upright, and people’s voices drift by subtly,
merging with other sounds in the garden like bees and far-off lawn mowers. In
addition to being a serene reading situation, however, this spot can sometimes
be conducive to sleeping … which slightly defeats the main idea, but it’s very lovely


October's theme is 'On the Move' – so let us know how you're reading and where it takes you by tweeting @puffinbooks 

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