52 Puffins – #28 Juliet Butler (Artemis Fowl)

What is 52 Puffins – Waiting in the wings? Well, although we love our main characters, in 2013 we think it's time to celebrate the supporting cast: the extras with the witty one-liners, the dastardly villains and the best friend every hero would be lost without. Who's your favourite?  Download 52 Puffins – Questions – Download me! and send your answers to puffinblog@uk.penguingroup.com

Artemis FowlYour character’s name and the book they star in . . .  

Juliet Butler
– Artemis Fowl/The Arctic Incident/The Eternity Code

Famous Friends 

criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl, Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon squad,
and Domovoi Butler, Artemis’ Eurasian bodyguard

Hero or villain? Hero!

Why you love her? She’s an
incredible fighter but could never be the stone cold bodyguard her brother is
because she’s too fiery. She’s also hilarious.

What’s her catchphrase or best quote? 

“Don’t worry
about me, brother. I’m a modern woman. We’re tough and smart, hadn’t you

What wouldn't she leave the house without?

The jade
hairpiece that she wears at the end of her ponytail and uses as a weapon,
earning her the wrestling title ‘Jade Princess’

Tell us something we might not know.

In the
hardcover edition of ‘The Eternity Code’, the words ‘Eoin Colfer Artermis Fowl
The Eternity Code Puffin’ are printed on the spine underneath the dust jacket
in the “eternity code”, allowing a reader to decipher the coded message within
the book….

What really annoys her? 

Her brother,
Domovoi, trying too hard to protect her

What does he dream of? 

Being a
professional wrester – a dream that comes true when she leaves for America at
the end of ‘The Eternity Code’.

Where would you go to hang out together? 

Just chilling
out in Fowl Manor, watching wrestling and eating popcorn

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