#WhereIRead – All aboard

InsideATrainMy favourite
place to read is not particularly comfortable, quiet or secluded –but, despite
the cramped grey seats, the occasional screaming child and the elevator music,
the train down to Cork
is a brilliant place to curl up with a book. It might not be as classy or as
tranquil as taking a sailboat around the Mediterranean,
but with a cup of tea and a slice of lemon cake the train can turn into a
haven. I love knowing that as soon as I resurface from my novel my family will
be waiting outside the station to whisk me away and stuff me full of home
cooked food. Having those three hours, just to sink into yourself away from the
hectic student life and the noise of home is incredibly relaxing. The other
passengers are much the same, happy to chat if you are and happy to read alone
as well. It’s not romantic, or even a place that I’d want to spend more then a
few hours in, but it gives you (a small) space and time to just read. And
really, what else do you want? 

Ciara, Avid Reader (not a trainspotter)

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