52 Puffins – #23 Fregley, Diary of a Wimpy Kid

What is 52 Puffins – Waiting in the wings? Well, although we love our main characters, in 2013 we think it's time to celebrate the supporting cast: the extras with the witty one-liners, the dastardly villains and the best friend every hero would be lost without. Who's your favourite? 
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FregleyYour character’s name and the book they star in . . .  
Fregley, Diary
of a Wimpy Kid 

Famous Friends? Greg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson 

Hero or villain? Hero, Fregley would never hurt a fly

Why you love him? Fregley is one of Jeff Kinney’s more hilarious,
yet arguably most pitiable characters. Extremely unpopular at school due to his
rather strange interpersonal skills, or lack thereof, Fregley valiantly
attempts to make friends with Greg Heffley. Naturally, Greg is repulsed by
Fregley’s attempts and numerous humorous encounters ensue. Whenever Fregley
pops up you know you’ll soon be laughing!

What’s his catchphrase or best quote? ‘Wanna see my secret freckle?'

What wouldn't he leave the house without? Something gross he will use to try and make
friends with Greg.

Wimpy 3Tell us something we might not know. 
Fregley once sent Greg a ‘booger’ in the mail.
It wasn’t a joke, he was being totally serious.

What really annoys him? Nothing seems to bother Fregley, he always seems
pretty happy.

What does he dream of? Being best friends with Greg Heffley

Where would you go to hang out together? To Fregley's house where his mother would call me Fregley's playmate


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