#WhereIRead – By the pool

SwimmingPoolThe mark of a good book to me is that it’s utterly
un-put-down-able. So as such, I have had to learn to read ANYWHERE. And,
consequentially, my books more often than not become a bit well loved, and dog
eared around the edges because I carry them EVERYWHERE.

I read on the bus, on the train, in the park, on my bed.
Sometimes I’ll read at the dinner table, though my mum will shout at me if she
sees me!I read when I’m cooking- and if a book is really, REALLY good, I’ll
even read when I’m walking. 

However, my favorite place to read might well be when
I’m at swimming competitions; with sometimes up to six hours between my
first, and last races in a day, reading on poolside, reading is the perfect way
to escape from the bustle, the heat, and the nerves of race day.

Jo, Desperately making a plea for waterproof pages

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