Fantastic Mr . . .


people of stubble and formidable snores. It’s that day of the year again and
here at Puffin we’re celebrating fathers everywhere…including those heroes
lounging about the pages of our books!

Here are some dads
who have earned the honorary rank of a Fantastic Mister:

Danny the champion of the worldWilliam from Danny the Champion of the World

A whirlwind of a character! He’s raised Danny singlehandedly, tucking
him into bed every night and filling his head with magical ear twitching
stories. A fine mechanic by day, William has a spark about him that means it’s
impossible to be bored in his company. With his inventive take on the art of
poaching and passion for having fun, it’s hard to not become a champion of some
sort when adventuring with this man.

Mr. Benjamin Bouncer from The Tales of Peter
Peter rabbit adventures

Trapped under a basket for five hours with a tom cat on top is not a
place many young rabbits want to be. It’s a good thing then Mr. Benjamin
Bouncer has not an ounce of fear and arrives in his purple jacket to kick the cat
off his perch and march Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny back home with a booty
of vegetables. So that’s where Benjamin Bunny gets it from!

PinnochioGeppetto from Pinocchio

People have a lot to
say about Geppetto. He wears a yellow wig, gets annoyed when you call him
Polendina and undoubtedly is a mean tyrant who would hurt Pinocchio. Yes to the
first, yes to the second but the last is the kind of talk that would make
Pinocchio’s nose grow long. Geppetto’s gentle heart is something of a wonder, painstakingly
crafting Pinocchio, crying when he’s hurt and selling his only coat to pay for
Pinocchio’s school. A real man!

Whether it’s the
animals of the Jungle caring for Mowgli or Mister Tom raising young William out
of his troubled past, we all know someone we love that fathers away with
admirable verve. Let them know in your own way that they’ve earned a Puffin
salute and a place among all Fantastic Misters. Yes…the fox made it too.
Fantastic mr fox

Ehsan Khan,

Penguin Children’s Work Experience

There’s still enough to join in our #BookDads competition. Guess the fictional father figure from the quotes and you could win a bundle of books for father’s day – including all the above! Follow @puffinbooks for the latest clue

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