52 – #17 Fweddy (Harry’s Mad, Dick King-Smith)

What is 52 Puffins – Waiting in the wings? Well, although we love our main characters, in 2013 we think it's time to celebrate the supporting cast: the extras with the witty one-liners, the dastardly villains and the best friend every hero would be lost without. Who's your favourite? 
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Dick King Smith1.         Name:

Fweddy/Fweddewika, Harry’s
, Dick King-Smith

2.         Famous Friends:

Madison, Harry Holdsworth

3.         Hero or villain? 


4.         Why you love him?

A hilarious character who seems to be so frustrating but ends
up being the one for Madison

5.         What’s his catchphrase? 

“Tebbly tebbly
sowwy”, “Cawwy me Hawwy, I’m feeling fwagile”

6.         What wouldn’t he leave the house without?


7.         Tell us something we might not know 

Fweddewika is the only gender changing parrot in any
children’s book.

8.         What really annoys him?

Not being looked after

9.         What does he dream of? 

Being pampered for the rest of his/her life

10.      Where would you go to hang out together?

A spa; Fweddewika is a sucker for
a mud bath.

Thanks to Harry, a book loving
twenty-something who loves parrots for his nomination!

Every week, for 52 weeks, we'll feature one nomination right here on the blog! If you'd like to share your favourite character from a  Puffin book, them send us your answers – and don't forget to draw a picture! 

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