The Curious World of Colfer (part 1)

Curious world of colferThe Curious World of Colfer is a brand new magic and illusion show
from Eoin Colfer, which premiers in Birmingham
this Saturday 20th April. Here's what the man of the hour, author Eoin Colfer, had to say about it . . .

"My background is in theatre so I
have always been interested in bringing a dramatic element to my readings,
mainly because I am a rubbish reader with a voice like Mr Bean on helium. This
show succeeds in putting what is inside my head on a stage in the most
spectacular and engaging way. We have goodies, baddies and evil magicians.
Eighty per cent of the magical tricks are totally safe and for the other twenty
per cent we use members of the audience.
Colfer looking curious
If you come along there is a pretty
good chance that you won't be sawn in half. No guarantees. Also I will be
reading from the new book, W.A.R.P but I will be quick so we can all sit back
and enjoy The Curious World of Eoin Colfer (which is me by the way)."

WIN a signed copy of warpSo
if you are in the Birmingham
area this Saturday 20th  April and fancy diving into The Curious World of
Colfer, visit the Birmingham Box website for more details Tickets are only £4!!!