Shhh, can you keep a secret? Letter from Chris Higgins, author

Chris Higgins, The Secrets ClubDear Secrets Club reader,

I hope you enjoyed “Alice in the Spotlight”.
I’ve really enjoyed meeting many of you during my visits to schools and
libraries since it was published.

I’m so excited at the publication
of “The Truth About Tash”, the second book in my Secrets Club series. Ali, Tash, Dani and Lissa are back where we
left them at the end of the first book, “Alice
in the Spotlight”, but now  it’s Tash’s
story we are following.

Have you ever noticed that people
aren’t always what they seem? Sometimes I meet people and take them at face
value and then, when I get to know them better, I discover that they are very
different from what I first thought they were. Often I find that there is far more
to someone than meets the eye.

Tash is bright, bubbly and happy-go-lucky.
That’s why she’s so popular. If I was in her class I would love to be friends
with her. She seems as if she doesn’t have a care in the world.  

But Tash has a secret. Actually,
it’s not hers; it’s someone else’s. Someone very close to her. And she’s
promised that person she will never ever reveal it to a single soul.

These are the hardest secrets of
The secrets club

Poor Tash. All she wants is to
have fun with her friends and do well at Riverside Academy
and lead the netball team to victory. But it’s not that simple.

If you read “The Truth About
Tash” you’ll find out what is really going on in Tash’s life and find out the
secret she hides from everyone, even her best friends, Ali, Lissa and Dani.

Hope you like it!

Chris Higgins x