Gladiator Puffinus Competitionus Winnercus


Billy Life 12

WINNER – Billy, 12

you’re a young Roman gladiator and you’ve just stepped into the arena for the
first time! What would be the scariest thing that could be waiting for you? Wolves,
a big hairy spider, or how about a giant T-Rex? Well, that’s exactly what
Puffin and NGKids magazine asked readers to imagine in our February Gladiator

We were impressed/terrified with your creative entries! It
was a tough decision (we don’t know how those Caesars did it) but our WINNER is . . . .  

Billy, aged 12! His red-eyed, feathery reptilian beast is like nothing we’ve ever seen before – or hope to! Huge congratulations and we hope you enjoy your new Kindle Fire HD and library of Puffin books for your class.  And below are the runners up who’ll each be receiving a set of Gladiator books in the post!

Thanks to everyone for taking part – if you’d really like to get in on the action then help Marcus fight for freedom on the online Gladiator game!

Jacob Correau-Smith 9

RUNNER UP – Jacob, 9

Georgia Groom 8

RUNNER UP – Georgia, 8
Paige Buisson 12

RUNNER UP = Paige, 12
Matthew Willingham4

RUNNER UP – Matthew, 4