Diary of a Work Experiencer – Editorial

‘If you like reading then this is the perfect job’

Halfway through my two week’s work
experience at Penguin Children’s and I am already worrying it is coming to an
end! On other placements I’ve found myself making hundreds of cups of coffee
and dragging out minimal tasks, but I quickly came to realise at Puffin boredom
is not an option!


Talia Teacuphands

On my first day I stared at an Italian
Patisserie in complete bemusement, ‘How could this be 80 Strand?’
It was only when I looked a little to the left I realised – now that is 80 Strand. Facing me was a huge building with masses of
people spilling in and out of the large, revolving doors.

Talia wheating Editorial Work experience

After being greeted at reception by the
fiction department’s editorial assistant, Laura, I felt much more at home. The
tour around the building was a little daunting (it’s enormous!) and I soon couldn’t even remember which way I’d
come in. However I was soon settled at my desk, with my very own Apple desktop
– not a bad setup! Everyone was very welcoming and the atmosphere’s
light-hearted and friendly, albeit with a healthy presence of tension as
editors race to meet their deadlines.

My days are mainly filled with the exciting
task of creating a submission report. Although this may sound dull it is not –
I promise! If you like reading then this is the perfect job. I get in, settle
down with a cup of coffee and read away. The best thing is I get to put an
opinion on the piece I’m reading, basically assessing whether I spent the
morning falling asleep or hanging on for more.

It’s been a very good week and I welcome
the next with open arms. And not only will I be leaving Penguin with a lot of
new experience, but a stack of new books to match!


Talia Wheating

Work Experience, Editorial 

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