52 Puffins – # 4 Tabby (The worst witch)


 Tabby, from The Worst Witch

Famous Friends

Mildred Hubble

Hero or villain?

Hero, because he’s always helping Mildred save the day

Why you love him?

Although Tabby makes a terrible witches cat, he is friendly, cuddly and Mildred would be lost without him.

What’s his catchphrase or best quote?


What wouldn’t he leave the house without?

Tabby wouldn’t leave home without his travelling basket – Mildred takes him everywhere in it.

Tell us something we might not know.

Tabby’s favourite spot is hanging around Mildred’s neck.

What really annoys him?

Unlike normal witche’s cats, Tabby HATES flying on the back of a broom.

What does he dream of?

Saucers full of milk and taster kippers

Where would you go to hang out together?

Miss Cackles Academy for Witches

What is 52 Puffins? Well, although we love our main characters, in 2013 we think its time to celebrate the supporting cast: the extras with the witty one-liners, the dastardly villains and the best freind every hero would be lost without. Who’s your favourite?
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