Ed Vere in concert!

Ok I admit it, I like Jazz . . . in different ways it's leaked into a couple of books I've done. Most obviously in Mr Big, a story about a jazz piano playing gorilla.



So when I saw a band called The Neil Cowley Trio last year at The Village Underground, their driving & rhythmic piano led music made a big mark on me. I've listened to them a lot since.

Cut to a couple of months ago and an email arrives from The Wigmore Hall (famous music venue) asking if I'd be interested in doing a couple of concerts based on my book 'Mr Big' with The Neil Cowley Trio . . . a complete no-brainer, yes please!


So, there'll be Neil on piano, Rex on bass, Evan on drums, Russ on the mic and me live drawing to it all. There'll be improvising all round and a very high margin for live catastrophe! There'll also be opportunities for children to come on stage for some jazz related madness. Should be a lot of fun.


It's at The Wigmore Hall in London on June 9th at 3pm.You can book tickets now at www.wigmore-hall.org.uk/whats-on/productions/mr-big-plays-jazz-the-neil-cowley-trio-30016

Go baby go!
Ed Vere