When The Sword Is Mightier Than The Pen . . .

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.”
Joseph Addison (English Writer and Statesman, 1672-1719)

We all know how important reading is to your development, but with the countless distractions in this modern technological world (ipods, iphones, ipads, idon’tknowwhat?!) you may think that reading doesn’t quite hack it on the adrenaline stakes.

Well, you’re wrong. Young Samurai is cutting edge – literally! My answer has been to ‘keep it real’ and show readers like yourself how books can live and breathe from the page!


With the Young Samurai series, not only will you enjoy a great action-adventure story, but you can experience Jack and Akiko’s world first hand by participating in martial arts, talking the language, designing your own kimono, eating sushi and even organising your Japanese festival!

*Get your teacher or a parent to download a free Teacher’s Guide from www.youngsamurai.com

You see Young Samurai is more than a ‘clash of swords’ action-adventure story. For me, it’s a way of life.

Never is this more true than when I’m standing in front of a group of fans wielding my samurai sword. 


I can promise you – the sword guarantees my audience’s attention. Being a writer and black belt martial artist dispels any preconception of what an author or a book event is typically like. The combination of an interactive reading and samurai sword display is often so compelling that even the most reluctant readers are picking up my books as if their lives depended upon it! :)


I started martial arts aged 7 ¾ and over the years the discipline has had a very positive influence on me. Not only has it taught me self-defence, it has built my self-confidence and developed life skills. Like my hero Jack Fletcher, you can also learn the ‘Way of the Warrior’ and come to understand bushido, the samurai code of conduct that promotes such values as respect, loyalty and courage. My hope is that you are so caught up in the spirit of Young Samurai that you not only read the book, but try a martial art for yourself. That way you can live the story too!

But I don’t rely on my sword to keep an audience’s attention. It merely helps them focus! Hopefully once you’re reading Young Samurai, you’re hooked . . . and the pen is again mightier than the sword!


Chris Bradford

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