Watch out for the evil little Ninja Puffin . . .


Ring of Water 
Our adrenalin is r-r-r-r-r-r-racing! Why? Well Chris Bradford’s latest Young Samurai book has just been published! It’s called ‘The Ring of Water’ and to celebrate its release we’ve launched ‘The Young Samurai Challenge’. Yes, that’s right, get ready to steel your nerves, show your skills and make like Jack Fletcher and Akiko!

The Young Samurai Challenge is a video competition where entrants are invited to upload examples of themselves practicing martial arts to WIN all-kicking prizes including Young Samurai judo suits! These suits are exclusive to the competition and you’ll get them nowhere else in the whole entire planet, FACT!  Make sure you visit to find out more.

Julia and I would have loved to have entered a video of ourselves practicing martial arts but since neither of us know the difference between a ‘dojo’ and a ‘dodo bird’ we decided we were best off entering the ‘Spoof’ part of the competition. This is a separate strand of the challenge for children who don’t practice martial arts and there are great prizes for this too. As I say, the challenge is for children under 18 years so we wont be able to win (we are a bit older than 18. We wanted to be kids forever but we didn’t figure out a way to stop birthdays in time). We put together our video to show you guys the sort of thing you could do . . .

So I’ll pass across now to Julia who will tell you all about how much fun we had making costumes for our cuddly little Puffin friends and why evil little Ninja Puffin’s will always get their comeuppance!

Vanessa Godden
Marketing Officer

We've had some cuddly and cute little Puffins in the office for ages but the poor things were kept in a cupboard and never got to see the light of day. So this was their BIG CHANCE and you should have seen their excited little faces! First, we had to make some samurai and ninja clothes for them. It wouldn't do to have them appear badly dressed for their big moment in the spotlight after all. We made Young Samurai sashes and headbands for the goodie Puffins and a ninja mask (out of paper – bit fiddly) for the EVIL Ninja Puffin. He put up a bit of a fight but we got him dressed in the end!

Then they were ready for their big day. They warmed up properly (we made sure of that – didn't want any strained muscles), and waited nervously for the race to begin…

Ready, Steady, GO!

They were off! Racing towards the finish line they looked so happy. Then, out of nowhere, BANG! Evil Ninja Puffin tried to sabotage the race by knocking into one of the poor little Samurai Puffins. Ow! But the other Samurai Puffin was having none of this. He made sure Ninja Puffin was out of the running and went on to WIN, with his brave (and wounded) friend coming second place.

At the end of all this Ninja Puffin thought he was still allowed on the podium in third place. Were we going to allow that though? NO! Off the podium he comes and back into the cupboard until the next round of Young (Puffin) Samurai competitions!

If you want to have just as much fun as we did log on to and enter the Young Samurai Challenge!

Julia Teece
Marketing Assistant

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