Cathy Cassidy talks Queen of Teen . . .

Queen of Teen  Cathy head shot credit Chris Watt

When I was a small, daydreamy girl I used to dress up in my mum's high heeled shoes, my best party dress and sparkly toy tiara and play at being a princess. It was one of my favourite games, but it was definitely make-believe because I didn't grow up to be a queen, just a daydreamy adult who loves to write!

Being nominated for the fabby Queen of Teen award feels a bit like make-believe, too. Me? Really? It's awesome to be shortlisted, and exciting to think that for one day at least I get to dress up in a sticky-out party dress and eat cake with nine of the best UK teen authors around. How cool is that? There may even be tiaras involved!

Thanks to all of the amazing readers who nominated me, and to everyone who votes for me now… one things for sure. If I'm ever made Queen of Teen, there'll be free cake all round…

Cathy xxx