The 10 Things you Need to be a Puffin


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This will be my last blog, so I wanted to share the things I’ve learnt since I joined Puffin in 2008. Lots of people reading this blog might be interested in getting a job in publishing, so here is a list of the main attributes we need:

1. A liking for doughnuts. Jammy ones
2. Big jewellery in primary colours
3. Wellington boots (for snow days)
4. A lot of silly ideas that could turn into nutty marketing campaigns (Ice cream vans handing out freebies? Check. Giant trees bedecked in tiny story-leaves? Check. Zombies chasing you all over London? Check – oo-er)
5. An unstoppable desire to tell people about every little thing you’re doing (like this blog. I’m tweeting about this blog right now!)
6. The Cheese Touch (I don’t think I need to explain that one)
7. Encyclopaedic knowledge of bunting
8. Scissors, tape, glue, paper, cardboard boxes, staples, pens, folders, a rolodex, lots of blank CDs, a decent camera, a video recorder and post-it notes
9. Post-it notes (so important they made the list twice)
10.A love for books. All books. Bonds and Bridget Fidgets and Artemises and Ahlbergs and everything. 

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So there you have it! I’ll miss being a Puffin very much. If you imagine working in a chocolate factory (maybe Willy Wonka’s, even), and you’re surrounded by lovely choccies all day, and you can eat as many as you like and then go out and tell everyone else to eat them too – that’s pretty much what it’s like being a Puffin. It’s ace.

Toodle-puff from me for now!

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Hannah Flynn
Puffin Marketing and Publicity Assistant