Puffins can be vampires too!

Hello Vampire Puffins, Werewolf Puffins and Human Puffins!

We’ve been on the road again. This time with Richelle Mead, bestselling author of the brilliant Vampire Academy series (for our older readers). If you’re anything like the super friendly Vampires and Vampirettes (of the human variety) that I met at the Eternal Twilight Convention 3 on Friday you’ll know exactly who Richelle is. They’d all been following Richelle’s action-packed UK tour via Twitter and were waiting patiently for her exciting arrival at the convention on Saturday.

I arrived at the Hilton Metropole hotel in Birmingham completely clueless as to what the day had in store.  Now a fully invested member of the vampire “con” gang I can tell you that you can expect: a hotel lobby swamped with 900 highly-charged multinational vampire fans, enough Robert Pattinson Barbie dolls to make you dizzy, and one starling girl with evil red contact lenses. Yikes!

The best bit was the devout army of Richelle fans ready and eager to meet their favourite author. And why wouldn’t they be, in the words of one adoring Vampire Academy fan, who’d travelled all the way from France to meet Richelle, “Richelle brought me Dimitri!” Another girl told me she was so mad for the character Dimitri that she kept dreaming about him. She reckons in these dreams he looks like a combination of Gerard Butler and Hugh Jackman. I hope this girl was OK as she did dramatically flop to her knees as she told me about this Dimitri dreaming. Maybe I should have dialled for the Love Doctor.

I wished I’d been able to stay to enjoy the vamptastic array of events taking place over the whole weekend. As well as Richelle signing her four books (Vampire Academy, Frostbite, Shadow Kiss and Blood Promise), the Puffin stand was set to be a hub of action with a ‘Vampire name generator’ machine and lots of quizzes, competitions and very cool prizes.

I can’t wait to hear what the other Puffins got up to with Richelle over the weekend. I’m just hoping those red eyes were actually contact lenses and weren’t the first sign of some supernatural activity set to strike the hotel. . .

I wouldn’t want a swarm of strigoi to come back to Puffin HQ this week. . .

Vanessa Godden

Puffin Marketing Officer

or ‘Duchess Svetlana Von Krolock the Great’ (that’s my vampire name… don’t wear it out!)

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