Beaver Towers

People often ask me which part of writing I like most. It’s hard to say because there are lots of good things such as: spending hours planning a story and inventing a whole world; getting caught up in the story and feeling all the emotions of the characters I’m writing about; seeing the first copy of the book when it is published. But probably the very best thing is hearing from people who have really liked the books.

It’s always a thrill to get a letter from someone or to actually meet them in person. I get invited into schools a lot and I get a real buzz chatting to the children and teenagers who have been reading my stories. Sometimes classes have done really great work linked to the books and they have made displays which they have put up in the classroom or the library.

BT Class 
Best of all are the letters and visits where people have been reading my four BEAVER TOWERS books. They seem to inspire wonderful classroom displays and I’ve even visited schools where all the children have dressed up as characters from the books. It’s great fun – although a bit strange trying to keep a straight face while I am talking to a bunch of people disguised as Beavers or Witches or Growlers.

And I love getting letters from readers of the BEAVER TOWERS books because they often send me wonderful illustrations of the characters, or their favourite bits in the stories. The character that most children like drawing is Baby B but I’ve also had great pictures of the ‘baddies’ in the stories – the Growlers, Oyin, The Prince of Darkness, Retsnom, and Captain Nomed. I’ve got files full of the letters and drawings and many of the best drawings also go straight onto the pinboard on my wall next to my writing desk.

Baby B 2  Baby b and nick

Baby B Bt1 
 I love getting drawings so much that I’ve set up a new competition on my website. I’m offering prizes to the people who send in the three best drawings  – a complete set of the four BEAVER TOWERS books, personally signed and dedicated to the winners. So if you think you can draw some of the characters or a scene from the books go to and look in the section called NEWS to see what you have to do and where to send your entries. Get those pencils and crayons and paints ready!

Nigel Hinton

Growler  Prince of darkness
Inside beaver towers