On the road with The Midnight Charter

OK, so I think I’m getting the hang of this “being a writer” thing…


Story ideas? Check. Plenty of them, and with the sequel to The Midnight Charter nearly finished, and the third book in the trilogy just around the corner, I can’t wait to get cracking…


Notebook and pencil? Check. For planning, and drawing lots of arrows and plot-based flowcharts to make me feel professional.


Computer? Check. New and sparkly, and apparently with fewer viruses than last time.


Mug of tea? Check. Essential.


Website? Check. www.david-whitley.co.uk, full of bonus stuff, background information and the first instalment of a new story about Agora!


Internet connection? Che- um, that is, of course not. Whatever would give you the idea that I’d spend hours online when I’m supposed to be working? *whistles nervously*


Readers? I think so. Hard to say when you’ve only been published a month, but I’m getting some very nice comments online, so if you’re reading, thank you very much!

And there you are… what else could I possibly need?


Oh… I’m supposed to leave the house sometimes? And talk to real people?


That wasn’t in the contract…


This week, I’m off on my travels, all over the UK. I’ll be visiting schools from London to Lancashire. It’s completely new territory for me, I’ve only done one school event before (although they were fantastic – so interested and welcoming), and even now I’m pacing back and forth, nervously hoping that I won’t forget any of my anecdotes/break the school projectors/start reading from someone else’s book.


But at the same time, I honestly can’t wait. Writing is a brilliant thing to do, but sometimes, when you spend all day with imaginary people, you do start to feel isolated.


Going on tour is the other side of a writer’s life. It gives me the chance to explain my inspirations, read my work in an increasingly bizarre series of voices, and perhaps even persuade the odd person that they might want to give my book a go.




But most of all, I’m looking forward to sharing my enthusiasms with some of the brightest, most interested and inspiring readers there are. Because, frankly, there’s a reason I write children’s/young adult fiction, and it’s not for the shiny book covers.


So I’m off! The bag’s packed, the train tickets are bought. And, when I stand up to speak,  if I feel nervous, I just have to bear one thing in mind…


I’m getting them out of lessons, so honestly, I think they’ll be on my side.


David Whitley