Pinch Me, I’m Dreaming!

That's what I thought when I got up this morning, cos there in the post was a copy of my latest book in the Seriously Sassy series with exactly that title!


In this book Sassy and her buds get the chance to go to a summer festival. Sassy's supposed to be getting the chance to sing, but let's just say things don't go totally according to plan . . .

To make matters worse there's a biker dude who's making lovesick eyes at her mum. (Aaaghh! Nightmare territory!) Oh, and there's the most embarrassing scene ever when Sassy's lovely old dog Brewster, the one member of her dippy family she thought she could rely on, lets her down TOTALLY. I swear I was blushing when I wrote it!

I'm so excited that Puffin has brought the second Seriously Sassy book out so soon after the first. It's an author's dream. August is going to be a whole whirlwind of events and book signings in bookshops and libraries. As well as doing readings I'll be leading lots of cool activities like designing CD covers and making up song lyrics and 'Things I Care About' postcards.

I'll be reading at some summer festivals too, starting with the Edinburgh Book Festival. It's going to be great getting to meet some of the readers who've joined the Sassy Gang and sent me and Sassy seriously cool messages. Oh, and I've chosen a special lilac gel pen to sign the Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming books, cos it goes with the super cover Hennie designed.

I've finished writing the first draft of the third book in the series now, so I'm going to have this morning off to read Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming – yeah, I know I WROTE it, but I still have to READ it, don’t I?!

Then I'm on a mission to find a new pair of snazzy summer wellies, just in case I have to wade through fields of mud to get to the authors' tent at those summer festivals. My last wellies were pink with black and white zebra stripes. Maybe I should get butterflies this time… or flowers… or clouds… or stars… Or maybe I should be like Cordelia and dig out an old dull pair and recycle them. I could decorate them myself with nail varnish and glitter and stickers. Now Sassy would approve of that, wouldn't she?

Maggi Gibson

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