We Make Stories

Here at Puffin HQ we want to help our authors reach as many readers as they possibly can. We do this in lots of ways, by designing covers, creating great big posters and adverts (and in some cases, movie-style trailers), making sure bookshops are filled with books and telling newspapers, magazines and websites about all the amazing new stories that our authors write.
Well now, we've gone one step further and created something special for all you young storytellers out there. This week we've launched a new website called We Make Stories where  children (of all ages, though the site is aimed at 6-11 year olds) can create, print and share a variety of story forms. They can make pop-up stories, customise audiobooks, design their own comics (like the one below, but better), produce exciting treasure maps and develop a variety of entertaining adventures. There's one free tool to try out and the rest of the tools are available for a really small one-off fee.
We're already starting to see some great stories appearing in the gallery and can't wait to see what else gets uploaded once the summer holidays begin . . .


Jeremy Ettinghausen
Penguin Digital Publisher

WMS logo

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