Sizzlin’ summer reads part four

Lastly, but most certainly not leastly, Daisy Mount, Publishing and Design Assistant and Hannah Flynn, Marketing Assistant, bring you Charlie Higson's brand new book (for older readers). It's the first in an edge-of-your-seat, terrifying new series and it's called The Enemy:


Hi, I’m Daisy and I’m The Enemy. 


The reason both Hannah and I are writing about this book together is quite simple: We both felt so passionate about telling you all about it that we couldn’t decide on who would do it so we’re both here.

It’s just that good!

Firstly, I have a few words about the book from the author, Charlie Higson:

‘It’s kids versus adults. It’s Jack and the Beanstalk, hobbits versus orcs, Perseus versus the Gorgons, the monkeys versus The Twits. This is no ‘Famous Five Meet the Harmless Zombies’ outing. The kids are in very real danger, and the body count is high.’

When Charlie started writing this novel he sent it in to his editor, Amanda, in bits. He specifically requested that, at this early stage, she and our Director, Francesca, were the only people at the whole of Puffin HQ who were allowed to read it. The buzz in the office very quickly turned to how completely brilliant it was. It arrived piece by piece, always secretly to just Amanda and Francesca (Charlie didn’t write Young Bond for nothing!), and it was very hard not to linger around certain monitors, hoping for a glimpse of it on-screen. It seemed like it was all anyone could talk about; everyone was itching to read it – and the temptation to run off a sneaky copy was very high. I had what I can only describe as an agonising wait, for weeks, before I was allowed a precious print-out of the manuscript. Suffice to say, it was worth the wait!

Daisy Mount

Hi, I’m Hannah, and I’m The Enemy.


I’m the go-to girl for anything geeky in Puffin. I’m a big nerd at heart. I particularly love horror writing and films, which means I was exceedingly happy to be passed the manuscript for The Enemy.

When Charlie started talking about this idea, he said he didn’t want to pull any punches – in fact, he said he wanted to give children everywhere nightmares – that’s what I really love about this book. It’s utterly horrible and completely compelling. The instinct that sits us down in front of Evil Dead and makes us both scream and laugh is the same instinct that will keep you reading The Enemy.

Nobody is safe. You find yourself trying not to form allegiances in case your favourite character dies, and yet you can’t help feeling for all the characters – who are very real, and who talk a kind of slang that is bare cool.

In fact, this whole book is bare cool. And it will give you nightmares this September.

Hannah Flynn

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