Jeremy Strong on tour!

Jam Explosion Logo 

I’m so excited I can hardly blog: next week I get to meet one of my favourite authors for the first time, and not only that, I get to go to his LIVE show!!

Jeremy Strong is on tour with his Big Jam Explosion and we want to see you there. You can expect hilarious stories, Streaker, doughnuts, games, dinosaurs, pictures of Jeremy when he was a baby, doughnuts, prizes, tomatoes, cows, doughnuts . . . and, er, jam!

Once it’s all over (and I’ve got all the jam out of my system) I’ll be back with pictures and all the Krazy stories about what happens when the funniest author in the world* gets set free among his fans to tell them about his own Krazy antics!

I’m especially excited to meet anyone who’s a member of the Krazy Klub, so if you spot me, come and say hello. I’ll be the girl with a mouthful of doughnut, laughing her socks right off in the front row.

Come on down – all the tour information and dates are here!

Hannah Flynn
Puffin Marketing Assistant

* This is just me talking, but don’t you agree??

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