Please sir, can I have some more GADGETS?

Dot Robot

I should admit straight away that my idea of a gadget is the bruised and battered mobile phone I own, the same mobile I’ve had for 5 years, which now has the numbers scratched off and which wouldn’t know the first thing about taking an actual photo. So, to go to The Gadget Show Live at the Birmingham NEC this weekend was a somewhat eye-opening experience slash completely MENTAL.

Nestled between exhibitors such as Rockitscience, Robosteel, Sony Playstation and Gadgetize, the Puffin Books stand was clambering with people desperate to buy copies of DOT ROBOT, the debut book by Jason Bradbury, presenter of The Gadget Show.

We were completely blown away by everyone’s enthusiasm (all 10,000 visitors daily). Like an army of robots who’ve just lunched on WD40, fans of Dot Robot stampeded their way towards Jason’s book signings.

Jasoncrowd      Bigcrowd

Not deterred by the massive queues, fans waited for hours to meet Jason and have their copies of Dot Robot signed and dedicated by the man himself. And they weren’t disappointed. Jason was on fire! Sometimes quite literally during the live show.


Now, as I sit reeling at my desk, there are three things I can take away from the weekend – firstly, gadgets rock and my knowledge thereof is frankly embarrassing (or so says the 12 year-old who tutored me on the art of Twittering), secondly, the unstoppable Jason Bradbury rocks and thirdly, Dot Robot ROCKS!

Louise Heskett
Puffin Marketing Officer

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