Tom Palmer’s on the ball . . .

Boys United   Striking Out

This week my new series – Football Academy – is out.

Starting with Boys United, the series is about an under-twelve Premier League team, some of whom will be Premier League players one day.

I didn’t know a lot about academy football when I started the series. So I went to Burnley FC, my nearest club. I talked to the players and their parents about what it’s like playing for an academy side. I also talked to the coaches. They were really helpful. And I learned amazing things.

What I have written is a series of six books about the fourteen players who play for a team called United. Each book is about a different boy in the team. And each boy has things in his personal life that threaten his commitment to United.

Jake is forever being told he is too small for football. Yunis’ dad doesn’t want him to play football, because it stops him working hard at school. Ryan has a nightmare mum. And more . . .

I got to really like the characters by the end of the series. Ryan most of all.

I’m doing lots of events to talk about the books in April. I’ll be in bookshops and libraries from Portsmouth to Sunderland. The launch is in Leeds on Saturday 4th April at 11am. You’re invited to come down and try to score past me.

But before that I’m off to see England play Ukraine at Wembley. Fingers crossed . . .

Tom Palmer

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