Home from home

Once     Then

When you’re an Aussie author and you come to the UK to talk about your books, it can feel like you’re a long way from home. But the wonderful folk at Puffin soon make you feel part of the family. And they introduce you to some really interesting people. Hundreds of them in fact, all sitting in rows and smiling kindly. People who’ve already made friends with some of your best friends – your characters.


This trip I’ve been a roving ambassador for two characters who’ve become very special to me. Felix and Zelda, the main characters in my books Once and Then, are two kids with the best friendship in the world, even though their world is a dark and dangerous one. Their story is the most moving I’ve ever been a part of, and I feel very grateful I was able to go on their journey with them.


To all the people I’ve met this month who feel about Felix and Zelda as I do, thank you.

Morris Gleitzman