He doesn’t look a day over twenty

Foyer display    Cake half gone

I think it’s safe to say you can’t possibly have missed out on all the excitement today: That’s right, it’s the Very Hungry Caterpillar’s 40th birthday, which means cake, flowers, fruit, pie, salami, cuddly toys, pop-up books, wall charts, cupcakes, posters, activity kits, stickers, badges, oranges, pears, banners, meeting Puffin authors and loads of cuddly caterpillar hugs . . .

Cupcakes  Apples and pears

This is the VHC with Jason Bradbury, author of Dot Robot. Everyone loves that caterpillar!

Out and about  Vhc and jason bradbury

It’s been an absolutely amazing day, but the VHC and I are pooped! Keep your eyes peeled for him everywhere this month, in newspapers, on websites and all sorts of other places, including lots of special events in bookshops and libraries – some of which will have the actual VHC in attendance!

I’m sure you’ll join me in one big shout out: Have a VERY Happy Birthday, HUNGRY CATERPILLAR!

Hannah Flynn
Puffin Marketing Assistant

Puffin girls    Another day at the office

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