Giddy up!

Perhaps you've been a fan of Flame, the magic kitten or even stark raving mad about Storm, the magic puppy! Well now there's a new magical creature to discover all for yourself – he's bigger than either a puppy or kitten, he has a very long tail, a silky mane and sparkling violet eyes . . . can you guess who it might be?
It's a magic pony – and his name is Comet! 

Magic Pony
Golden-winged Comet is in our world looking for his twin sister Destiny, who ran away here when she thought she was in trouble. And he really needs your help to find her . . .
I would LOVE to meet a magic pony. And these are the things that we would do together, if I did:

Ride all the way from London to Wales to see my best friend who has moved away.

Go for a night time ride in the sky and see if we could touch the stars.

Do a magic spell that would make all my work e-mails write themselves.

Gallop home in a sparkly magic bubble so that I wouldn't get wet from all this rain.

Fly to Rainbow Mist Island where Comet is from and meet all the other magic ponies! 

I hope you get to meet him soon too. A New Friend and A Special Wish are out now!

Lindsey Heaven
Senior Fiction Editor, Puffin

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