There are a few things that are ESPECIALLY exciting in my job. For example, last week I met one of my personal heroes, Morris Gleitzman. Morris Gleitzman!! Whose books I read to pieces as a child! Who wrote such amazing stories that I would bother my Mum every week to let me renew them at the library!
This doesn't happen every day. (Morris lives in Australia for one thing.)
However, sometimes it could just be a little piece of post that causes the most excitement in my corner of Puffin HQ.
Here you may be able to spot my banana (nutritious but commonplace), my coffee (nothing especially exciting there. Actually it's cold coffee, yuck), my hole punch, stapler, water, and even a certain caterpillar . . .
But obviously the main most exciting thing is the first EVER entry for my first EVER in-book competition!
I was over the moon to get it this morning, because that means all my careful work has made its way into the hands of a Spy Dog fan. A book reader! The best people there are!
In the back of Spy Dog: Rocket Rider (the latest book in the series by Andrew Cope), there's a TOP SECRET competition. So secret I've had to cover up its name on the letter.
It all began as an idea in one of our team meetings. (These are the kind of meetings where we say things like, 'Could we make a book out of realgold?' and then a few months later I'm collecting it from the jewellers!) Next we checked it out with Andrew, who thought it was a great idea. I wrote the competition copy (the words that tell you what you need to do to enter) and had a designer turn them into very cool-looking pages that were then sent to the printer and inserted in the back of the book. They feature bullet holes (just like Lara's ear) and paperclips and generally look like a secret spy memo that Lara might receive . . .
Then I came up with the idea for a sticker on the front of the book to show that there's a competition inside. That copy was really hard to write, because we didn't want to spoil what happens in the story, and you need to read it all before you can find out about the competition! I think I managed to make it sound really exciting without giving anything away.
The stickers were sent to our massive warehouse in Rugby where all of our books are sent out to bookshops, and they were very carefully placed on the front cover in exactly the right place.
Finally, they were sent out to shops! It's been a nerve-wracking few days, waiting for my first entry, but then this morning it arrived!
So, what is the competition and how can you enter? You'll have to read the book to find out! I can tell you that it's a prize like NO OTHER, probably the most exciting prize I've ever had to give, and you will LOVE the book too. Your mission awaits you . . .

Hannah Flynn
Puffin Marketing Assistant

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