The Cheese Touch

All this talk of cheese at the Puffin Picture Book Boutique evening reminds me of THE CHEESE TOUCH which is currently doing the rounds of the Puffin team. The CHEESE TOUCH is inspired by the hilarious and addictive Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which is everyone's favourite funny read and is a huge hit with my two boys and all their friends – and thousands and millions more if you listen to the sales figures. (11 million copies sold in the US!!!). The cheese touch comes from touching a smelly old piece of cheese in Wimpy Kid's school playground and once you touch it – you have the cheese touch. Yuk! Pass it on, quick. Our Puffin cheese touch is a yellow post-it note but when it arrived on my computer screen I just knew that – like a true wimpy kid – I just had to get rid of it, asap.

Diary  Rod

I really recommend the book and also the sequel, Rodrick Rules, which is just out.

I promise it'll bring sunshine and laughs a minute into your life and if you know a child aged nine and up, they'll read it one go, laugh a lot, and ask for more.

Francesca Dow
Managing Director