Walking in a (Hyde Park) Winter Wonderland

Take one great big park, an ice skating rink, a haunted house (woooooooo), a GIANT toboggan snow slide, an ice palace mirror maze AND a snowball bungee dome and what have you got . . .


Possibly the best Winter Wonderland EVER; and tonight a load of us Puffins are heading over to Hyde Park (which is down the road, around the corner and a hop, skip and a bus ride away from Puffin HQ) to run around in high-pitched excitement as we try and decide which bit to see/do/jump up and down on first.



Then at 7.45pm we’ll be pulling on our ice skates and attempting to make our way around the rink without landing SPLAT on our bums, which is much easier said than done if you’re as clumsy as us lot. And yes, by us I mean me. I went snowboarding last year and was so incredibly bad at it there were actual tears and a lot of time spent lying in the snow wailing about how cold it was. Snow has that effect you see. I was also told by my boyfriend that in ten years of snowboarding he’s never seen anyone attempt to go down a mountain with their eyes shut, but in my defence I was SCARED! Anyway, ice skating is a teeny bit easier than snowboarding so maybe tonight will involve less bruises . . .



The Winter Wonderland is on until the 4th January, so if you want to check it out get your skates on (sorry, couldn’t resist) and have a peek at the website. See how good it looks – if only we didn’t have to wait until 5.30pm to go, what a shame we have to work all afternoon. Erm, erm I mean I can’t wait to carry on working and patiently wait for tonight’s frolics. Yes boss.


Sarah Kettle

Puffin Creative Executive